If you were ever unclear of what President Donald Trump and his constituents stand for, the latest video screened by supporters at his latest rally definitely gives you a clear eye view.

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Former President Barack Obama joked that he was born in Kenya during the kickoff of his first annual Obama Foundation summit on Tuesday.

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Barack and Michelle Obama have reportedly inked a very rich book deal.

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Now that Barack Obama is officially done with his job as President of the United States. Historians are ranking him among the 43 before him.

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Chance The Rapper has added model to his resume. The Chicago rapper is featured in a campaign for a Barack Obama-inspired clothing line.

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President Barack Obama is leaving the White House later this month, signaling the end of a historic presidency and ushering in a new dawn with President-Elect Donald Trump. Twitter was all eyes on the speech and reacted in droves as expected.

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President Barack Obama expressed that he wanted a job at Spotify once he was done running the country. That dream just might come true.

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The case of Emmett Till will last the test of time as a definitive marker of what sparked the necessity of the Civil Rights Movement. President Barack Obama enhanced the slain teen’s legacy by signing into law the Emmett Till Act Civil Rights Crimes Reauthorization Act of 2016.

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Waka Flocka offered his opinion on whether or not President Obama really counts as being the first Black President of the United States of America.

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The clock is ticking on President Obama‘s time in the White House and it sounds like he is making the most of it. 

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Donald Trump continues to pull out all the stops on his quest to turn the 2016 presidential race into The Jerry Springer Show.  His latest surprise guest at tonight’s debate is none other than President Barack Obama’s Kenya-born half-brother, Malik.

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Seems like the President from Chi-town is no longer shy about letting his inner Chicagoan come out. Recently the White House welcomed Chicago MC Common into their humble abode where he performed the latest segment of NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert.