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The clock is ticking on President Obama‘s time in the White House and it sounds like he is making the most of it. 

To let Questlove tell it, it looks like President Obama just painted the White House black for real. This past Friday night there was a private party at there and it sounds like was epic.

In a post made while you were sleeping, Questlove says he “seent” something that we will probably never see happen again. In it he talked about party where DJ D-Nice was DJing, Usher was performing, De La Soul was rapping and Dave Chappelle was playing with the President’s dog. This sounds like the Black version of The Hangover.

Questlove writes:

Realist real list of thangs I seenT at the White House tonight: 10) the cp time factor of the first fam. Made me feel justified. 9) @usher & his 11th hour audible ideas 8) @morereginahall’s joking the Obama’s leaving is the most devastating occurrence since Free & AJ left#106thAndPark 7) Dave Chapelle flaunting the fact he got to play w Bo the Dog earlier 6) security expressing shock to me “wait, all to do in this house tonight and Chapelle was more excited about meeting the dog!? 😳 5) Obama requesting the ENTIRE song#TheBizness be performed tonight & De La/Com making it a bboy affair. 4) 4 ladies snackin on chicken wangs at the WH piano 3) BBD KILLING “Poison” & everybody dancin w/ wreckless abandonment 2) me having my first Hennessy ever 1) d nice playing “Ante Up” “Party Up” “Make Am Say Uhh” “Shook Ones”—like the look on George Washington face as we defiantly sang EVERY lyric….haaaaaaa!!!!!!

President Obama was singing “Make Em Say Ugh” in the White House? The beat dropped on “Poison” and everybody sang “ITS DRIVING ME OUT OF MY MIND” in the White House? Somebody rapped “rock you in your face, stab your brain with ya’ nosebone” in the White House.

Wow. Sounds like a fitting end to a historic eight years.

Photo: Twitter