Barack Obama may no longer be President of the United States, but his classy charm and effective cool still capture hearts. Obama was speaking at the kickoff for the annual Obama Foundation Summit and joked that he was born in Kenya, a playful jab at detractors who questioned his place of birth.

The Hill writes:

Obama cracked the joke when he took to the stage in Chicago to welcome those attending the summit.

“The reason I’m so excited to see you all here today in part is because this is were I started,” Obama said.

“This isn’t where I was born, I was born in Kenya,” he said to laughter, quickly adding, “that’s a joke.”

The joke was a reference to the birther movement, largely promoted by President Trump during Obama’s time as president, alleging that Obama was not born in the U.S. The former president was born in Hawaii.

The summit was not billed as a political event so Obama avoided discussing the current troubles of the Trump administration and instead focused on the goal of the Summit, which is to brainstorm with other thought leaders and high-profile people such as Chance The Rapper, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and others. Prince Harry and former First Lady Michelle Obama visited a Chicago school as part of the summit’s outreach efforts.

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