Paddy Duke, real name Pasquale Raucci, was among an angry mob of white youth who attacked Hawkins in Bensonhurst.


Who knew that a threesome gone wrong could end in a fatality? That’s reportedly what happened to a Brooklyn man after a menage trois he was involved in went way left. 


The Latin Kings, one of the most violent street gangs in America, saw the arrest of 14 alleged members in Brooklyn. The Latin Kings were arrested for shooting, stabbing, and also scalping their rivals across the city.

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Unlocking The Truth, a metal band trio of Black Brooklyn eighth-graders, has been buzzing since videos of the crew rocking out have gone viral the past few years. Now, the talented middle school metal-heads have inked a two-album deal with Sony Records.


Even drug dealers have side hustles. A Papa John’s pizza delivery man was popped for selling coke (the powdery variety) to undercover cops in Brooklyn since 2011.

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A third candlelight vigil held last night (March 13) for slain Brooklyn teenager Kimani Gray began peacefully, but an angry group of protesters taunting police sparked a number of arrests. Tensions flared just blocks from where NYPD detectives gunned down the 16-year-old Gray, with demonstrators boldly confronting the cops who then pepper sprayed and arrested members […]


The family of a Brooklyn man hit by a police cruiser is seeking answers in his death. Tamon Robinson was struck by the vehicle earlier this month, following a police chase, and now his family is set to join Rev. Al Sharpton in rallying to further the investigation into the killing. Robinson is alleged to have […]