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Even drug dealers have side hustles. A Papa John’s pizza delivery man was popped for selling coke (the powdery variety) to undercover cops in Brooklyn since 2011.

DNAinfo New York reports:

Papa John’s employee Ramon Rodriguez, 46, allegedly made 19 coca1ne sales to undercover cops since 2011, many while on the job, and was finally busted after selling a kilo to police for $27,000 Wednesday evening, authorities charge.

The pieman sold mainly in front of the Sunset Park franchise on Fifth Avenue and 58th Street while still in uniform, the NYPD said, sometimes hiding the coca1ne in a pizza box.

Before finally being arrested, Rodriguez was making serious dough. Pun very much intended.

When police searched his home they found $4,500 in cash and drug paraphernalia, including a scale and packaging material, according to the NYPD. A small amount of cocaine was also allegedly found in Rodriguez’s car.

His prior sales to undercover officers totaled about $18,000, in amounts ranging from 20 grams for $600 to 70 grams for $2,100.

That’s not counting the sales he probably made to civilians, too.

Rodriguez has been charged with criminal sale of and criminal possession of a controlled substance. He faces…a lot of time in the bing.

Check out photos of the evidence in the gallery.

Photos: NYPD

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