"They paint the founder as a racist. They know he’s not a racist," said Schnatter, speaking in the third person (referring to the board that fired him), a surefire sign that f*ckery is afoot.

If you ask Papa John’s disgraced founder, John Schnatter, better ingredients and better pizza are no longer being delivered by the franchise. Twitter is reacting to a very bizarre interview that has surfaced featuring Schnatter, and he made some wild claims.

Safe bet not a single soul saw this one coming. Today (March 22), Shaquille O’Neal and Papa John’s announced the NBA legend is joining the board of the trouble pizza franchise.

Morehouse did the right thing. The HBCU has decided to end its relationship with Papa John’s after its founder John Schnatter used the N-word. 

Papa John’s founder John Schnatter tried to explain his use of the N-word and only made things worse. The racist trash pizza slinger basically said he was the victim.

John Schnatter, the founder and former CEO of Papa John’s Pizza, already lost the respect of many when he blamed the peaceful NFL National Anthem protests for sinking sales. The struggle pizza man was caught saying the “N-Word” during a phone conference and has since apologized.

John Schnatter, the founder and CEO of pizza chain Papa John’s, is stepping down as CEO after making remarks that the peaceful protests of the National Anthem in the NFL hurt sales. Schnatter will remain chairman of the company as leadership is shifted to an executive within the organization.

Papa John’s is taking multiple L’s, and is still canceled. The suspect pizza franchise has blamed their falling sales on NFL players’ protests, but Twitter had some better, realistic and much more slanderous theories. 

Iggy Azalea didn’t win any hardware during Sunday night’s 57th Annual GRAMMY Awards, but she still made headlines for an entirely different reason. The Aussie rap star went on a Twitter rant aimed towards the Papa John’s pizza chain after a delivery person handed out her personal cell phone number.

NFL star Peyton Manning is the proud owner of 21 Papa John’s pizzeria franchises in the Denver, Colorado area. You most likely know this just from turning on the television on any football Sunday.

There is never any country for beastiality and that certainly includes the state of Florida.

Even drug dealers have side hustles. A Papa John’s pizza delivery man was popped for selling coke (the powdery variety) to undercover cops in Brooklyn since 2011.