“Calvin & Johnson”

Earlier today, Kobe Bryant and Nicki Minaj appeared on the first of three covers of “The Music Issue” of ESPN Magazine. In comes the remaining two, which feature Kendrick Lamar and Eminem.

How can you possibly trump having a nick name like “Megatron,” leader of the infamous Decepticons outfit of the Tranformers? If you’re star NFL wide receiver Calvin Johnson, it’s by having your signature sneakers officially incorporate the Hasbro franchise’s imagery. That’s the case with the Nike CJ81 Megatron Trainer Max, which also comes with a Transformers toy […]

It seems no one can defend Calvin Johnson. Andy Reid has shocked everyone with an undefeated start to his new tenure with the Kansas City Chiefs. Andrew Luck has proven he is the rightful heir to the Colts legacy. Even with all this gridiron greatness we still got a heaping side of NFL fail moments […]

Apparently, the off field side of star NFL wide receiver Calvin “Megatron” Johnson is more akin to Sean “Diddy” Combs. That’s the premise of Nike’s new “Calvin & Johnson” commercial.