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How can you possibly trump having a nick name like “Megatron,” leader of the infamous Decepticons outfit of the Tranformers? If you’re star NFL wide receiver Calvin Johnson, it’s by having your signature sneakers officially incorporate the Hasbro franchise’s imagery. That’s the case with the Nike CJ81 Megatron Trainer Max, which also comes with a Transformers toy figure.

The Nike CJ81 Megatron Trainer Max comes with what you would expect for Johnson’s shoe; adaptive traction, lockdown support thanks for a forefoot strap, and Max Air cushioning. There is a Deception logo at the center of the shoe and the purple and metallic silver colorway also corresponds to the Megatron action figure it ships with. 

As for the Transformer, says Nike:

Produced in collaboration with Hasbro, the 5-inch purple and red TRANSFORMERS MEGATRON action figure inspired by Calvin Johnson mirrors the cues of his signature Nike CJ81 Megatron Trainer Max. The distinctive red cruciform pattern found on the toebox and upper of the trainer are utilized on the arms and feet of the figure. Johnson’s signature appears alongside the iconic DECEPTICON shield on MEGATRON’S chest. In robot mode, the MEGATRON figure is designed to be broad yet agile, and the iconic “wing” jet conversion is meant to mirror Johnson’s speed and power.

But that’s not all. There is also a Megatron Nike Air Trainer SC II which also takes cues from the Transformers. Top things off is the limited edition Megatron Rises 3-Pack which includes the aforementioned kicks and the Nike CJ81 Megatron Elite TD Cleat. Only 81, Johnson’s number, Megatron Rises Packs will be released exclusively at 21 Mercer in NYC, select Nike Yardline doors. and, so good luck with that.

The CJ81 Megatron Trainer Max and the Megatron Nike Air Trainer SC II will be available at select Nike retail locations and online at Check out images of the kicks, and the Transformer toy, in the gallery and good hunting.

Photos: Nike

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