Kevin Samuels—who was known for his controversial relationship advice has reportedly died due to complications of hypertension according to TMZ. 

Travelers beware; the deaths tied to the Dominican Republic continue. Another man has lost his life after visiting the Caribbean island.

Although Chris Lighty was laid to rest yesterday, questions still loom about the circumstances surrounding his death. Veronica Lighty has gone on record to state that marital and financial issues were not the reason the Violator founder allegedly took his life. The Associated Press reports that members of Lighty’s family are seeking a second opinion after […]

 Heavy D’s Cause Of Death Revealed   The untimely death of rapper Heavy D was due to pulmonary embolism caused by deep leg vein thrombosis, reports TMZ. It appears that the beloved rapper had a blood clot (a thrombus) in his leg that traveled up to his lungs, blocking blood flow to his heart. Days […]