Even though he is comedy royalty Dave Chappelle rarely buys into his celebrity. Recently he met Hip-Hop pioneer Scorpio of The Furious Five and he got emotional.

In a recent set of photos from vacation, the R&B songstress flicked it up with a white man that Twitter has already married her off to.

The current Hip-Hop generation has seen its fair share of rappers blatantly attempt to rub out the ones who paved the way for them, or just sh*t on the road all together.

Love And Hip-Hop: Hollywood star Hazel-E need not worry about her struggle rap career which she put on heavy display throughout the VH1 reality show. Apparently she’s been laying dating Katt Williams (who has also been M.I.A.; keeping his nose clean) and the comedian has been dropping some major coin to improve her bad-b status.

Whether you have him or love him is irrelevant. Floyd Mayweather is the most popular–and most paid–boxer on the planet. That doesn’t mean he has unanimous support going into “The Fight of the Century.” Get a load of all these celebrities rooting for Manny Pacquiao as we all wait for May 2 to arrive. Ronda […]