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Ever since Spike Lee revealed the title to his film, Chi-Raq, and especially since the release of its trailer, Chicago artists haven’t been pleased. One person on that list is King Louie, who just dropped a video for a cut called “F*ck Spike Lee.”

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Spike Lee’s Chi-Raq trailer was released a few days ago and it’s safe to say that the negative reactions far outweighed the curious and insightful ones. The city of Chicago’s violence woes is an issue that hasn’t touched citizens of the United States in some form or fashion and juxtaposing or even transfixing the topic […]

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The plot of Spike Lee‘s forthcoming film Chi-Raq probably isn’t the first thing you expected off the strength of its title. Nevertheless, the movie’s trailer will surely have you interested thanks to engaging dialogue, wild cameos, Black Power feminists and some gunplay. 

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Unless you reside from outside the continental United States, the violence that transpires in Chicago on the regular has not flown underneath your radar. Street rappers proudly nickname the President Obama’s hometown “Chi-Raq,” where as Moguldom Films conducted extensive research to find the root of the problem in their documentary Gunland.

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Nicki Minaj has been forging a return to the game, spitting edgy bars as heard on her previous single “Lookin’ Ass Ni**a” which angered the family of Malcolm X AKA El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz over use his image. The Queens rapper joined forces with Chicago’s Lil Herb for the song “Chi-Raq” and threw a jab at the […]

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It’s easy to provide commentary on how to change ailing communities like Chicago when you aren’t there to witness the living conditions firsthand. In turn, London-born filmmaker and photographer Will Robson-Scott traveled to the Windy City to get a vivid account of life there from its citizens in order to create his documentary, Chi Raq.

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There is a reason why Chicago has recently been nicknamed “Chi-raq.” Forty-seven people were shot in the Windy City over the weekend, nine of them were fatalities.