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It’s easy to provide commentary on how to change ailing communities like Chicago when you aren’t there to witness the living conditions firsthand. In turn, London-born filmmaker and photographer Will Robson-Scott traveled to the Windy City to get a vivid account of life there from its citizens in order to create his documentary, Chi Raq.

The 13 minute visual is a Protein TV presentation, and could very well be the most truthful depiction of what’s happening in the Chicago streets to date.

Robson-Scott sat with a list of individuals ranging from the family of shooting victims, those injured in the line of fire, and community figures. Local rappers such as King L, Lil Mouse, and more also give their take on the violence plaguing the south and west sides of the city.

Chi Raq is a must see and you can find it below. Also hit the following pages to see a photos shot by Robson-Scott during his travels.

Photo: Will Robson-Scott

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