Chicago Violence

Violence in Chicago is continuing to escalate now that police report that as many as 40 people have been shot, some fatally in the last 50 hours. As previously reported, the number injured was estimated to be around 24 but now that number has spiked dramatically to 40. The ongoing violence, which is being blamed […]

The body of Chicago school board President Michael Scott was found floating in the Chicago river. His death comes as a surprising twist of fate as the well known administrator had vanished hours before. According to police, Scott’s body was found near the Merchandise Mart, early Monday in the River North neighborhood, with a gunshot […]

The Derrion Albert murder shook the nation to its core, spotlighting a growing problem in the Chicago area. Especially touched by the tragedy was David Banner who teamed up with producer, 9thWonder for the release of the song “Something’s Wrong” in tribute to the young boy and others affected by the Windy City’s violence. Now […]