Chris Webber


After praising Charles Barkley for inspiring him as a youth to continue to chase his dream, Chris went on to say that he found himself explaining to his autism striken God son why players aren't playing any basketball at the moment and having "young nephews i've had to talk to about death before they even seen it in a movie."

While Chris Webber continues to flourish post his NBA retirement, much of his legacy is still tied to his college career. He discussed his time as Michigan Wolverine and much more in a recent interview.

Signature sneakers used to be a rare breed. For example, Dr. J and Kareem Abdul Jabbar had their own Converse and adidas, respectively, but the name on your own shoe’s club (shout out to Walt Frazier’s Puma “Clyde,” too) was pretty exclusive. But then Michael Jordan and his Air Jordan line made Nike a ridiculous […]

Not you too C. Webb!? The State of California has filed a $119,000 tax lien against Chris Webber for failure to pay taxes from part of 2008 and all of 2009, reports TMZ. The Fab 5 member and former #1 NBA Draft pick initially owed $81,427 but that ballooned thanks to  $25,875 in penalties and $11,629 in […]