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1993 NCAA Basketball Tournament - Second Round - Tucson

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While Chris Webber continues to flourish post his NBA retirement, much of his legacy is still tied to his college career. He discussed his time as Michigan Wolverine and much more in a recent interview.

During a sit down at Sway In The Morning, the former college and NBA star addressed the elephant in the room regarding his former Fab 5 team. When asked about Jalen Rose, he confirmed the obvious saying the pair do not speak. “We don’t really have a relationship. I’ve never talked about anything with The Fab Five. So when he broke that code to what I feel further his career, that hurt me as a man,” he revealed.

When it comes to the other members of the historic squad Webb is in a good place with them. “As far as the fellas, I talk to Juwan [Howard] all the time, Ray [Jackson] all the time and it’s cool, but not necessarily with Jalen. To troll me and talk about [the] timeout 25 years later on the show and to break it down and all that… it’s just kind of corny man.”

Naturally, the interview got back to Rose who commented on their icy relationship. In an interview with Get Up, Rose explained his position for the now infamous 30 For 30 documentary. “I’m not going to go back and forth through the media about this. I don’t need to talk about him to further my career.”

You can listen to Chris’ interview with Sway in its entirety below where he also discusses returning to the University of Michigan and his new role in Uncle Drew.