The Trump administration just can’t get right. Chief of Staff John Kelly recently tried to sympathize for the Confederate states’ actions during the Civil War and got promptly obliterated by actor Wendell Pierce.

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Gen. John Kelly, currently the chief of staff for President Donald Trump, followed his boss into the foolish unknown by suggesting the U.S. Civil War was sparked by a lack of compromise on both sides. This comes as Kelly, sitting down with Fox News, suggested that the removal of Confederate statues shows that history isn’t […]


Donald Trump once again showed that his grasp of history is the purest of struggle. While discussing Andrew Jackson, a US President and proud slaveholder, in an interview with SiriusXM, Cheeto seemed to imply that he was alive during the Civil War. 

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The Confederate flag has been getting some burn in the press lately, thanks to Kanye West‘s attempt to make it fashionable. Yeezy doesn’t have anything on a Black man so devoted to the Confederacy that he and other South Floridians are attempting to block a monument honoring Union soldiers from the Civil War by any […]

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A Texas judge is so up in arms at the idea of President Obama earning another four years that he believes that a civil war is imminent. Clearly delusional, Judge Tom Head told Fox 34 Monday (Aug. 20) that police in Lubbock, Texas will need extra tax dollars to prepare themselves for the end result […]


Glenn Beck is continuing to stir up controversy with his idiotic, insensitive and eccentric comments, this time about race relations in the United States prior to the Civil War. On his June 25th edition of the Glenn Beck program the conservative radio show host/ FOX News commentator somehow managed to gloss over the atrocities of […]