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Glenn Beck is continuing to stir up controversy with his idiotic, insensitive and eccentric comments, this time about race relations in the United States prior to the Civil War.

On his June 25th edition of the Glenn Beck program the conservative radio show host/ FOX News commentator somehow managed to gloss over the atrocities of slavery when talking about race relations before the war that divided the North and the South.

According to Beck the Civil war was “politicized” into being all about slavery and before then Beck says Blacks and Whites were being treated as equals.


He uses as an example, a time when Black and White heroes from the Revolutionary War were buried with full honors and received identical treatment. He says however that “It really started to go wrong” in the lead up to civil war.


“Tonight you will see that… I’ll show you clippings from the newspaper of the war heroes as they were buried with full honors from the Revolutionary War, where they were getting full benefits. I will show you, I held in my hand the statement on benefits from George Washington…there was no delineation between white and black. It was white/black it didn’t matter.

“If you fought there was nothing like that from our founders. And when you see the newspaper clippings of African Americans who fought heroically and received full military honors and were buried at such and such…The things that have happened in this country, where it really started to go wrong, was in the lead up to the civil war. And it became politicized, and it was all about slavery. Before then we were moving on the right track, you’ll learn things tonight you’ve never, ever learned before and you’ll ask yourself, “Why?”


What planet are you on sir?

Listen to audio from Glenn Beck’s show below.