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During a segment of her show, Ingraham attacked marijuana legalization and attempted to link the action to the recent uptick in gun violence.

By all indications, there’s a white mother in Charlottesville, Virginia, who is using her biracial son’s newfound appreciation for his Blackness as an excuse to be racist AF and express her long-held belief that Black people invoke racism to evade accountability, not because we actually experience racism all the damn time. Or at least that’s […]


It's obviously a slow day for culture war news if Fox News is reporting that Eminem took a knee during the Super Bowl Halftime Show.

So… I’m not normally the type of person to kink shame, but we really need to talk about these weird-a** fetishes that seem to be running rampant on Fox News and in the warped world of right-wingers in general.

Once more, the Fox News host aired a segment on her show claiming that "viewers like woke-free TV" and discussing the Netflix hit You, prompting Twitter to throw some virtual tomatoes at the "attempt" at humor.

This time, the Fox News host took a swipe at Americans receiving unemployment benefits and suggested a way to get them back to work is to cut off their privileges.

Bucking the advice of scientists who study coronaviruses and deadly diseases, Fox News host Tucker Carlson essentially ignored their expertise and challenged the purposes of masks to prevent the spread.

Ainsley Earhardt says that the 75 million people who voted for outgoing president Donald Trump are, "worried about what the future of this country looks like. They are confused and heartbroken that their candidate didn't win and they don't want to be forgotten."

While the veteran rapper and actor didn't flat out endorse either candidate, he explained more behind his reasoning for conducting the chat.

In a new book from the insufferable two, the former Fox Nation show hosts say that the network took aim at them.

Stacy Washington, the co-chair of the Black Voices for Trump group, joined 'Fox & Friends' news program to make the declaration.

Lynnette "Diamond" Hardaway and Rochelle "Silk" Richardson became household names as a result of their unflinching support of the former business mogul and reality TV star.