Right-wing pundit Jason Whitlock faced some heat due to a guest on his 'Fearless' podcast who was highly antisemitic in an interview. The backlash led to Whitlock deleting clips promoting the show on social media.

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Former cooking show maven Paula Deen got cooked, no pun intended, by Twitter after admitting her fondness for the N-Word in a court deposition. Although the one-time Food Network star went on a “I’m Not A Racist” apology tour, it all rang hollow in the end. Deen isn’t the first celebrity to show racist tendencies, however. 

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History Channel has a hit on its hands with the new miniseries The Bible, and also a bit of controversy as well. Conservative pundit Glenn Beck caused a stir during last night’s (March 17) airing after tweeting that an actor of color playing Satan resembled President Barack Obama.

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Glenn Beck believes that the Republican Party is dead, and held a mock declaration ceremony –dressed as a doctor—to drive the thought home. On his Blaze TV show last night, Beck celebrated the demise of the GOP with a cake, and footage showing elephants dying.

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Glenn Beck is continuing to stir up controversy with his idiotic, insensitive and eccentric comments, this time about race relations in the United States prior to the Civil War. On his June 25th edition of the Glenn Beck program the conservative radio show host/ FOX News commentator somehow managed to gloss over the atrocities of […]


Glenn Beck is taking his disrespect to new heights, this time targeting President Obama’s 11-year-old daughter and mocking her on his radio show. Obama made a remark at a press conference Thursday that his 11-year-old daughter Malia asked him about the gulf oil spill saying, “Daddy did you plug the hole yet?” Obviously willing to […]


One of the most controversial Fox News hosts in Amerikkka is making yet another discriminatory remark, this time comparing the Southside of Chicago to the embattled country of Haiti. During a stop on Bill O’Reilly’s “Bold Fresh Tour” with equally offensive, equally racist, equally pig-headed Fox affiliate Glenn Beck on January 23, O’Reilly tells his […]


Glenn Beck is continuing to piss people off with his statements. A number of people were upset after hearing Beck speak on his radio show about the recent use of the term “negro” on the 2010 U.S. census form. As previously reported by Bossip, the 2010 U.S. census form asked people to identify themselves as, […]

On Saturday, September 26, a poll went online on Facebook asking users “Should Obama be killed?”   The users were given 4 choices: Yes. Maybe.  If he cuts my health care.  And no. The poll was part of an application which allowed an individual Facebook user to create it. Facebook spokesman Barry Schnitt quickly pointed out […]

Glenn Beck has been a lightning rod, shining bright and on fire for all of the wrong reasons. The Fox personality and right-wing demigod has been on the far right side of political conversations. His stance has garnered him a highly devoted following at the cost of advertisers and a myriad of financial backers. Known […]