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Glenn Beck has been a lightning rod, shining bright and on fire for all of the wrong reasons. The Fox personality and right-wing demigod has been on the far right side of political conversations. His stance has garnered him a highly devoted following at the cost of advertisers and a myriad of financial backers.

Known for making controversial statements and bashing anything that appears to be aligned with the Democratic Party or President Barack Obama, the emotional pundit is only second in command of conservatives to big daddy Rush, and that is what makes a recent revelation made by him all the more shocking.


Appearing on Katie Couric’s new web show, ‘@Katiecouric’, the conservative under boss confessed that he felt President Obama was better for the country than John McCain would have been had he won the 2008 election.


“I think John McCain would have been worse for the country than Barack Obama,” said Beck, shortly after chasing his statement with an abashing “I can’t believe I’m saying this.”


Beck also stated that he would have “much preferred” Hillary Clinton as President and “may have voted” for her if it she were running against John McCain, who he described as “this weird progressive, like Theodore Roosevelt was.”