This past weekend , war hero and Arizona Senator John McCain passed away after being diagnosed with brain cancer a little of a year ago. Though he’s now gone, McCain is still reminding everyone that Donald Trump is complete and utter treasonous trash.

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It appears that Senator John McCain, a Vietnam War veteran, and POW survivor, took a jab at President Donald Trump for ducking the draft.

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Sen. John McCain publicly announced that he will not support the latest GOP bill to repeal Obamacare, throwing the legislation in jeopardy.

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Sen. John McCain is known as one of the most grizzled and dedicated elected officials in the United States Senate. On Tuesday (September 3) afternoon however, McCain was seen goofing off on his iPhone during a lengthy Senate hearing regarding the tense situation in Syria.

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There was a lot to talk about at President Obama’s first press conference since winning re-election last week. The commander in chief spoke to the media Wednesday (Nov. 14) addressing the attack in Benghazi, Libya, taxes, and the CIA cheating scandal.

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The Republican National Convention’s Get Your 6 event will be graced by the Wyclef Jean. The former Fugees front man has been billed as the performer for the event to be held in Tampa, Fla., next week. Jean was brought in as a replacement for country music singers Willie Nelson and the recently arrested Randy […]

Glenn Beck has been a lightning rod, shining bright and on fire for all of the wrong reasons. The Fox personality and right-wing demigod has been on the far right side of political conversations. His stance has garnered him a highly devoted following at the cost of advertisers and a myriad of financial backers. Known […]

A resolution was approved by Congress on Wednesday that is urging to give a pardon to Jack Johnson for being wrongfully convicted and imprisoned for having romantic ties with a Caucasian woman. To school young thundercats out there that are unaware, Johnson was the first Black heavyweight boxing champion. In 1913, Johnson was the victim […]


Sarah Palin officially resigned as Governor of Alaska. The 45 year old stepped down Sunday at a press conference, handing her duties to Lieutenant Governor Sean Parnell. She told the crowd that she would exercise her freedom of speech and did so, wasting no time criticizing the media for “making things up.” “Democracy depends on […]