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This past weekend , war hero and Arizona Senator John McCain passed away after being diagnosed with brain cancer a little of a year ago. Though he’s now gone, McCain is still reminding everyone that Donald Trump is complete and utter treasonous trash.

Months ago, it was reported that John McCain banned Donald Trump from attending his future memorial service and now that the time has come to lay the Vietnam veteran to rest ABC News is reporting that his family has asked Barack Obama and George W. Bush to deliver eulogies at McCain’s funeral. This shouldn’t surprise anyone as former President Obama is class personified and George W. Bush has history with McCain.

Trump meanwhile spent years slandering McCain’s name and reputation beginning with that infamous statement in which Trump said McCain was only a war hero because he was captured and he preferred “people that weren’t captured.”

Even in death, Trump continued to disrespect the memory of John McCain by nixing an official White House statement praising his life and then quickly raising the White House flag to full-staff after lowering it to half-staff for a few hours to mourn the loss of McCain.

Talk about being petty.

Grown folks like Barack Obama meanwhile took to Twitter to give heartfelt statements about John McCain and reminded everyone how it felt to have a smart and gracious man in the White House.

Donald Trump also released a “heartfelt” tweet of his own.

By the sounds of that tweet you’d think John McCain was killed in a school shooting or something. But what else can you expect from a person who’s vocabulary is limited to whatever human urge he feels at the moment.

Keep in mind that this is the second funeral that Trump has been banned from (that we know of). Earlier this year, the Russian agent-in-chief was also barred from attending the memorial services of Barbara Bush though Melania seemed to have the time of her life while she was there sitting next to, you guessed it, Barack Obama.

Anyway, this just proves that you have to be a special kind of assh*le to get banned from two funerals in one year. Unfortunately, such an assh*le is currently residing in the Oval Office… for now.

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