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Rush Limbaugh is continuing to make headlines for his disparaging comments, this time for insisting that The President “created” the recession as payback for racism. On the July 2nd edition of his radio show, racist Rush was quoted saying that President Obama let the economy crumble as payback for years of racial oppression. “It’s payback […]

Rush Limbaugh’s racist comments are continuing to infuriate individuals sick of his ridiculous remarks, this time MSNBC correspondent Keith Olbermann. Olbermann who’s no stranger to Rush’s ridiculous antics, scolded the radio show host again, naming him the “Worst Person in The World” as presented on his “Countdown With Keith Olbermann.” This time Limbaugh topped his […]

Rush Limbaugh’s brash statements are raising eyebrows once again, as the conservative shock jock airs out another angry tirade about President Obama. The radio show host, who mind you said he was leaving if healthcare reform passed, has written an editorial piece for The Wall Street Journal criticizing The President and one of his predecessors, […]

“I don’t think someone’s ethnicity, someone’s religious background, even their sexual orientation has anything to do with their ability to do the job, so I would say yes. It has no bearing on whether they can go to a children’s hospital and visit kids.” Since being introduced back in 1921, the Miss America Pageant has […]

Rush Limbaugh is never one to bite his tongue especially when it comes to anything and everything related to President Obama and his healthcare reform bill. In the conservative shock jock’s latest asinine statement he blames President Obama and the Democrats’ passing of the healthcare reform bill for the eruption of the Eyjafjallajokul volcano in […]

Racist Rush strikes again! Well known racist, well known shock jock and a well known idiotic bigot, Rush Limbaugh is exposing his true colors once again. During his radio show Tuesday a caller called in to discuss the sudden resignation of Congressman Eric Massa amidst a looming “groping scandal” with a male aid. When the […]

Hip-Hop Wired Supporters: We’d like to thank you for being loyal readers and following the site as today marks our 8th month anniversary. Still a baby on the web forefront, we thank you for making us one of the fastest growing urban entertainment portals out here on the net. Making it a mission to provide […]

According to a recent poll conducted by 2,000 Republicans President Obama is a racist, socialist non-U.S. citizen. The numbers found in the poll speak for themselves. 39 percent of those included believe Obama should be impeached, while 29 percent are not sure and 32 percent say he should not be voted out of office. The […]