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Rush Limbaugh’s racist comments are continuing to infuriate individuals sick of his ridiculous remarks, this time MSNBC correspondent Keith Olbermann.

Olbermann who’s no stranger to Rush’s ridiculous antics, scolded the radio show host again, naming him the “Worst Person in The World” as presented on his “Countdown With Keith Olbermann.”

This time Limbaugh topped his list for comments he made on his show Tuesday, claiming that both Oprah Winfrey and President Obama are only successful because of their race.

According to Rush, Oprah enjoys her role as the media mogul she is today because America wouldn’t doesn’t want to appear “racist” and that if Obama weren’t Black, he’d be a tour guide in Honolulu.

“[Obama] wouldn’t have been voted president if he weren’t black. Somebody asked me over the weekend why does somebody earn a lot of money have a lot of money, because she’s black. It was Oprah. No, it can’t be. Yes, it is. There’s a lot of guilt out there to show we’re not racists, we’ll make this person wealthy and big and famous and so forth…. If Obama weren’t black he’d be a tour guide in Honolulu or he’d be teaching Saul Alinsky constitutional law or lecturing on it in Chicago.”

Putting Limbaugh on the top of his “Worst People In The World” list, Olbermann denounced him saying,

“Ahhh there it is. The United States has been tilted in favor of Black people. We’ve made it so easy for human beings inferior to the great Rush Limbaugh, the fired by ESPN one month into his dream job, Rush Limbaugh. Inferior creatures like Obama and Oprah Winfrey have been made to be big and famous…they don’t have real talent, they haven’t earned it….Oprah please crush this schmuck!…Rush Limbaugh, overt racist, the worst person in the world.”