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“I don’t think someone’s ethnicity, someone’s religious background, even their sexual orientation has anything to do with their ability to do the job, so I would say yes. It has no bearing on whether they can go to a children’s hospital and visit kids.”

Since being introduced back in 1921, the Miss America Pageant has undergone many drastic changes to make it an even playing field for all women, regardless of ethnicity and other factors which were thought of as taboo.

Now with Caressa Cameron being the eighth African American woman to wear the crown, the reigning Miss America states that she can picture a day where a lesbian could don the prestigious title.

Citing that the panel of judges, which included conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh, would have the sound mind to be open-minded and make such an equal opportunity choice, prejudice might not play a role and sexual orientation shouldn’t be factored in the final decision.

Initially reported through AOL, Cameron elaborated on not be judgmental to contestants and playing it fair when it comes to competition.

“A lot of time we don’t give people enough credit for being open-minded. If you are a judge doing your job, you will choose someone regardless of her political views or sexual orientation. You would hope people’s prejudice would not play a role in picking someone for a job as wonderful as Miss America.”

Now that sounds like the voice of a woman that deserves the titled of being Miss America, doesn’t it?

Do you see America ever embracing and crowning a Lesbian as Miss America?