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The world does not move without Black creativity and Lupe Fiasco is about detail how Hip-Hop plays into that fact. He has been slotted to teach a Rap course at MIT.

Last week it was revealed Hip-Hop had lost one of the most unique talents to ever grab a microphone, months ago. Two of his peers have saluted in the most fitting way.

One of Rap’s most slept on wordsmiths is linking with younger talent. Lupe Fiasco is prepping a new release manned by Kaelin Ellis.

Lupe Fiasco burst onto the scene and captivated mainstream audiences with his studio album debut Food & Liquor back in 2006, boosted by the infectious “Kick Push” and the Jill Scott-assisted “Daydreamin'” singles. Next year in Los Angeles, the Chicago rapper and businessman will perform the entire album in its entirety in an exclusive concert.

lupe fiasco

While fans continue to wait to see whether or not Eminem or Joe Budden take on Lupe Fiasco’s rap battle challenge, the Chicago native has decided it was the right time to remind everyone just how ill he can get when he’s on the mic.


Looks like Lupe Fiasco wants some of the smoke from the fire that Eminem stoked when he dropped Kamikaze last week in which he raked some of his rap peers over hot coals.

Lupe Fiasco caused an uproar at the top of the year when he said that Kendrick Lamar wasn’t a “top tier lyricist” in his view. The Chicago rapper is now walking back that initial jab, saying he’ll refrain from speaking on another rapper’s career in the future.

lupe fiasco

Kendrick Lamar might go by the moniker Kung Fu Kenny, but Lupe Fiasco’s about to put his martial arts training on display for real. Recently the Chicago MC wowed fans when he showed off his samurai sword handles and now the Food & Liquor rapper is preparing to release a docu-series titled Beat n Path, […]

Lupe Fiasco has opted for all of his adult life to not involve himself in the political process but says he now has a change of heart. The Chicago rapper says due to President Donald Trump’s alleged racist comments and the climate of the GOP-led Congress that he would be voting for the first time […]

Lupe Fiasco has launched a new production company venture with bases in both Hong Kong, and Los Angeles with a focus on content creation & entertainment.

Lupe Fiasco‘s long-running beef with Atlantic Records has been known to most fans of the Chicago rapper. While onstage in Seattle, Washington recently, Lu admitted that his latest project, Drogas Light, was an album full of older cuts underneath his full creative ability while promising his next project will be his best one yet.

Lupe Fiasco beat everybody to the punch and wrote his own review on his latest album Drogas Light.