Even though his history with the press hasn’t always been the best, Eminem has returned. He has graced the cover of XXL’s newest issue.

Eminem has had to fight his share of demons. He recently opened up about his near death overdose back in 2007 that almost left him permanently brain damaged.

Eminem's place in the pantheon of Hip-Hop artists has been the subject of debate lately, but this latest news will give fans and stans of the Detroit artist more ammo for their arguments for his greatness.

It looks like the Verzuz schedule might get really interesting in 2022. Swizz Beatz suggests that Busta Rhymes should be Eminen’s opponent after Dr. Dre posed the question on social media.

Eminem will now be taking his talents back to the big screen. He is slotted to play White Boy Rick in the forthcoming BMF series.

Two of Hip-Hop’s greatest White hopes might have something in the works. Rumors say that Eminem and Post Malone are working together on a track.

While he has a history of some of the Hip-Hop greatest diss records Eminem is now also quick to hit the sorry button. He is asking Diddy's platform for another chance.

Eminem might have barked up the wrong tree. A newly surfaced track finds the Angry Blonde calling out Diddy's network but the staff wants all the smoke.

Just when you thought it was safe for rappers during Father’s Day weekend it wasn’t. One of the game’s lyrical talents got some steam off his chest; again.

Fat Joe knows a thing about Hip-Hop so when he talks people listen. His most recent opinion should be taken as a precaution to all heavyweight MC’s trying to get at the Angry Blonde.

With the overwhelming response to the epic #Verzuz Battles, it’s no surprise that legendary MCs are lining up for their shot to go head to head, but according to N.O.R.E., both DMX and Eminem have confirmed that they got next.


Looks like quarantining during the Coronavirus pandemic is really bringing out the crazy in people these days and unfortunately for Eminem, his hardcore fans seem to be especially prone to the madness of 2020.