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Swizz Beatz

Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz83

It looks like the Verzuz schedule might get really interesting in 2022. Swizz Beatz suggests that Busta Rhymes should be Eminen’s opponent after Dr. Dre posed the question on social media.

As spotted on Complex the super producer weighed in on what seems to be the Hip-Hop question of the week. On Monday, January 24 Dr. Dre posted a video of Slim Shady spitting a lightning speeds and asked “Marshall Mathers vs Who???!!”. The Ruff Ryder front man dropped his thoughts in the comment section with “BUSTA!!!!!!!!!!! Let’s go”. While the good doctor did not specify the platform for the hypothetical one on one it is clear that Swizz is thinking a Verzuz match up.

This is not the first time, and most likely last, Busta’s name has been in the conversation for a Verzuz battle. Back in 2020 the “Touch It” rapper specifically called out T.I. as his preferred opponent but the Kang didn’t think it was right match up. “I salute and respect Busta a whole lot, I just think the generational gap might be just a little too much” he responded. “We gon’ figure it out. I appreciate the consideration, though. I truly do, Busta. I thank you for all of your contributions to the culture. Got nothing but respect for you”.

After being rejected by T.I. the internet theorized on who would be the ideal opponent for Busta. Some folks thought Missy Elliot would be the top pick but Rah Digga rejected the idea on Twitter saying “No. Missy needs a singer/rapper/songwriter type battle. Busta is a dungeon dragon w/ 30 YEARS of hits and verses. Two COMPLETELY different animals.” Missy saw her response and gave her two cents on the topic. “Busta Classics dates as far back to the beginning of time! I’m Team Bussa Bus all day er day! Whoever bold to do a Vs with him 🙌🏿💵💰.”

Back in October 2021 Busta posted to Twitter saying “FIND ME…… A WORTHY VERZUZ OPPONENT RAHHHHH”. Let’s hope the dragon gets his shot and soon. 

Photo: Bernard Smalls