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The American rapper Daniel Dumile is better known by one of his many aliases: King Geedorah

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Last week it was revealed Hip-Hop had lost one of the most unique talents to ever grab a microphone, months ago. Two of his peers have saluted in the most fitting way.

Ufortunately, tt was reported MF DOOM is no longer with us in the physical. The loss took the culture by surprise as his wife announced his passing almost two months after he left us. Naturally an outpouring of respect has been put on the late great’s name since via social media posts, playlists, editorials and more. As spotted on Hypebeast a pair of MC’s are giving his flowers via some tribute bars.

Chicago lyricist Lupe Fiasco to Twitter to express his gratitude and proposed a new idea for all DOOM fans. “Thanx DOOM…I learned so much from you about the art of rapping. Studied and analyzed you for years as recently as a few days ago. I wish I could’ve met you to tell you that. here’s some raps…rest easy…Amin…” he wrote. “To whom it may concern: I ask and propose that from this point forward all rappers from everywhere and from every style and every level in the craft refer to “Similes” as “Dumiles.” Pronounced “Doom-ah-lays.” A small gesture for a fallen master. MF DOOM. Can I get a 2nd?” he added. The Chicago native also dropped a freestyle using one of super villain’s signature rhyme schemes.

Yasiin Bey, formerly known as Mos Def, also dropped his 2014 take on “ALL CAPS” on his Instagram account as his testimonial to DOOM’s indelible style. You can peep below.