mf doom

Recently, Talib Kweli accused Eothen “Egon” Alapatt of “stealing” the late, great MF DOOM’s rhyme book. The beloved rapper’s widow has confirmed that her husband’s books of rhymes (plural) were indeed stolen, allegedly.

The late Daniel Dumile was something of an enigma, and a new biography hopes to partially lift the veil of the "Supervillain."

On Halloween of this year, the estate of the late, great lyricist will host a tribute and fundraising event that will benefit the family and legacy of the Supervillain.

This coming weekend, the late, great metal-faced "Supervillain" will forever be immortalized via a street naming ceremony in Long Island, N.Y. this coming weekend.

One of the greatest pens in the world once linked with one of the most unique beatsmiths ever. Ghostface Killah reveals how he linked with MF DOOM.

MF DOOM is gone but not forgotten. A request has been filed to make an intersection in Long Island, NY a tribute to Hip-Hop’s only true supervillain.

The Nation of Gods and Earths developed a connection with Hip-Hop culture that stretches far beyond the sharing of lingo.

Fans are still waving the Daniel Dumile flag weeks after his untimely death was confirmed. Two radio pioneers celebrated the late great MC's career with a thoughtful and in-depth program.

The shocking news of MF Doom's death is still taking the Hip-Hop community by storm. The latest rapper to step forward with words of grief is Busta Rhymes, who pens a heartfelt letter commemorating the rapper's life and cherished friendship in a lengthy Instagram post.

Last week it was revealed Hip-Hop had lost one of the most unique talents to ever grab a microphone, months ago. Two of his peers have saluted in the most fitting way.

The producer says that there are tracks he's yet to hear from the late wordsmith.

Born Daniel Dumile, the legendary rapper influenced a generation of wordsmiths who carry the torch in Hip-Hop's ever-changing underground.