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One of the greatest pens in the world once linked with one of the most unique beatsmiths ever. Ghostface Killah reveals how he linked with MF DOOM.

As spotted on Hot New Hip Hop Tony Starks had big love for Rap’s only supervillain. In a recent interview with the Rap site he detailed how he came across the late great’s unique sound. To hear Tone tell it his discovery was just as random as DOOM was at times. “I was on Project Rev, with Korn, Snoop, Linkin Park, all these guys,” he said while alluding to the 2004 tour. “I was on the Project Revolution tour with them. So I came across a CD that said Metal Fingers on it. And I never knew who Metal Fingers was. I ain’t know Doom was Metal Fingers.”

The “Camay” rapper went on to discuss how he eventually linked with him. “So I think I might have told my manager like Yo, find this dude Metal Fingers and it winded up being MF Doom,” he continued. “He had beats that I liked to fuck with and that’s how it all came about. We reached out, called him, it was him. I was like oh snap. He came down to the studio and dropped off some beats, we started talking and stuff like that. That was the beginning.”

While he went on to use four of his beats on Fishscale (“9 Milli Bros,” “Clipse Of DOOM,” “Jellyfish,” and “Underwater”) the two didn’t work together in person for that project. “He just dropped off the beats,” he explained. “He just sent beats and I picked him out. I did my own writing but Doom was never there when I laid it down or did this and did that.”

While the two teased at an official joint album, as DOOMSTARKS, they would only release a limited selection of singles. RIP DOOM.

Photo: WENN/Avalon