Lupe Fiasco has opted for all of his adult life to not involve himself in the political process but says he now has a change of heart. The Chicago rapper says due to President Donald Trump’s alleged racist comments and the climate of the GOP-led Congress that he would be voting for the first time this fall.

“For help or harm I’ve never voted in my life. a dedicated abstainer,” Lupe wrote in a Friday morning (Jan. 12) tweet. He added, “But due to circumstances beyond my control & the overall unpleasant racist sh*ttiness of our president & the [R]epublican members of Congress that echo his sentiments subtly or otherwise I’ll be voting this fall.”

The admission might come across as a shock to some who might have felt Lupe would have been more active considering the style of music he creates. Fans of the lyricist chimed in via the Twitter, congratulating him most of all for diving in with both feet into a world he has never been a part of. Some of those responses can be viewed below and on the following pages.


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