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CNN anchor Don Lemon at one time had the ire of Black America aimed at him, but now the longtime television journalist has seemed to turn the corner. On Thursday night’s broadcast, Lemon called President Donald Trump racist for using offensive language to slam immigrants from other nations and Black Twitter has made the moment go viral.

To bring everything into view, President Trump held a meeting Thursday (Jan. 11)  in where he turned down a bipartisan deal on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, better known as DACA. In the meeting, Trump reportedly said “Why do we want all these people from ‘sh*thole countries’ coming here?” according to the Washington Post reporting news from a source that the president made the comments in front of a grouping of senators inside the Oval Office.

Lemon, who clearly has had enough of Trump’s snide comments and ways, addressed his supporters and even those closest to him by declaring the president’s comments bigoted and racist. The broadcast and its highlights have all since gone viral and Lemon’s name began trending on Twitter with comments expressing joy that the anchor took aim while also celebrating Lemon’s apparent awakening. To be fair to Lemon, he has expressed his disdain for President Trump before but never in such pointed fashion.

We’ve collected the best comments from Twitter about Don Lemon taking down President Donald Trump’s reportedly racist comments on DACA below and on the following pages.


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