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According to a recent poll conducted by 2,000 Republicans President Obama is a racist, socialist non-U.S. citizen. The numbers found in the poll speak for themselves.

39 percent of those included believe Obama should be impeached, while 29 percent are not sure and 32 percent say he should not be voted out of office.

The “birthers” also made their presence known in the poll with 36 percent of Republicans believing that President Obama was not born in the U.S., 22 percent left unsure and 42 percent believing he is a natural citizen.

Some of the most asinine numbers from the poll ask whether Republicans believe The President is a “racist who hates white people” to which 31 percent answered yes, 33 percent were not sure and 36 percent disagreed.

Bordering on ridiculous, the poll continues with 63 percent of Republicans thinking that President Obama is a socialist, 16 percent saying they’re not sure and 21 percent saying he is not.

Rounding out the poll, 24 percent of Republicans believe Obama wants “the terrorists to win,” 33 percent aren’t sure while 43 percent say he does not want the terrorists to win.

23 percent of Republicans believe that their state should secede from the United States, 19 percent aren’t sure and 58 percent said no.

It should be duly noted however that 53 percent of Republicans who took the poll also thought that Sarah Palin was more qualified to be President than Obama…but hey, there’s no accounting for poor taste.