After being sued by cancer patients who claimed that its baby powder contained asbestos—Johnson & Johnson stopped using talc in 2020. Now, the company will switch to cornstarch in its baby powder by 2023. 


The rising number of monkeypox cases in the United States has prompted the Biden administration to declare a public health emergency. Health Secretary Xavier Becerra held a press conference to detail the government response and to state that they have secured close to 7 million doses of a vaccine to treat the virus.

It feels like America is in a “fresh out the frying pan into the fire” situation as the COVID-19 pandemic has begun to settle and another virus is starting to emerge.


Killer Mike is lending assistance and his barbershop, The Swag Shop to The Confess Project for their National Mental Health Awareness Day of training Black barbers to be versed in coping mechanisms to aid Black men and boys in talking about their vulnerabilities to be better people.


On Sunday, New York State Governor Kathy Hochul stated that she will lift the indoor mask mandate for schools statewide on March 2nd. She cited the downward trend of COVID-19 transmission as a factor in the decision. The directive does allow for parents and guardians to still send children to schools with masks.


An article in the New York Times details how vaccine skepticism fueled by right-wing figures and media networks have played a part in the rise of "red Covid", where there are more people who identify as Republican voters opting not to be vaccinated leaving them more prone to hospitalization and death from the coronavirus as opposed to Democratic voters who got vaccinated.

The U.S. Army has joined the rest of the  U.S. military in beginning the process of giving its anti-vaxxer personnel the combat-boot if they continue to refuse to get themselves vaccinated.

For some time now, anti-vaxxers have cited the least corroborated “science” in suggesting herd immunity and intentionally infecting oneself with COVID-19 as viable alternatives to getting the shot despite all the leading immunologists and health experts saying they aren’t. Unfortunately, denying science in the name of being anti-authoritarian isn’t just an American thing—it’s a global […]

When it comes to the leading causes of death of Black men in America, heart disease and cancer are often brought up as they should be since they’re at the very top of the killer list across ages. Homicide is also often brought up, especially by white people who lean on it as an illogical […]

The effort to get Americans vaccinated against COVID-19 has just hit a significant roadblock.

Cottonelle and BLKHLTH are teaming up to keep the awareness about the disease high and at the same time tackle the racism that plagues the health industry.