mike tyson

Former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson will not be charged for striking a passenger before a flight from San Francisco, California last month. Authorities made the decision after reviewing all the evidence and taking into consideration the request by Tyson and the victim to not go forward with charges in the case.

Somebody really needs to check on Robin Givens and make sure she’s not somewhere throwing up all of her insides after hearing the news that Mike Tyson thought she was having relations with the blubbery, bulbous orange mass of lies, racism, misogyny and butthole-lips that is ex-President Donald Trump.

In the latest chapter of the Chris Brown versus Soulja Boy struggle, Brown’s trainer Mike Tyson has begun work on a diss track aimed at “Big” Soulja.

Ear-biter and child-eater Mike Tyson says he will teach Chris Brown all that he knows to knockout Soulja Boy in their upcoming “fight.”

Mike Tyson finished his pro boxing career with a 44-6 record. Nevertheless, against a hoverboard, Iron Mike stood no chance. 

Let’s keep in mind that the possibility of Mike Tyson and Floyd Mayweather Jr. ever stepping in the ring and squaring off is pretty much nil. Nevertheless, Iron Mike going off on Money in an interview makes for wonderfully facinating entertainment. 

Two of the Mike’s Biggie famously referenced on “Victory” almost squared off in the field of expertise that heavily favors Tyson according to a new biography.

When selecting a rapper to dub Mike Tyson’s rapper counterpart, Earl Sweatshirt is definitely not the first name that comes to mind. Nevertheless, the clever minds over at Citizens of Humanity decided to shake things up and allow the young Odd Future rapper to profile the legendary boxer for their latest issue.

All praises due to Black Jesus and Mike Tyson for resonating with their audiences and avoiding that dreaded first season curse. Adult Swim has vested special trust in them–along with the Brooke Shields-voiced Mr. Pickles–to keep the party going for another season.

It’s never been in anyone’s best interests to agitate Mike Tyson. CP24 Toronto News anchor, Nathan Downer, didn’t appear to get that memo, as he asked the former heavyweight champ a question regarding his prior sexual assault conviction during a live broadcast.

Jamie Foxx’s classic impersonations of Mike Tyson over the years must have made an everlasting impression on the former heavyweight champ. So much to the point where Iron Mike is lobbying for the Oscar winner to portray him in what will go down as the official biopic of his life.

If there’s anyone who knows about making mistakes through violent actions, it’s Mike Tyson. Due to his unorthodox upbringing, the former heavyweight boxing champing has seen his share of prison time as a result of his actions.