A former GOP candidate in New Mexico was arrested on Monday for his role in four targeted shootings at the homes of Democratic lawmakers. Solomon Peña was identified by Albuquerque police as the individual who hired four men to conduct the shootings, and is alleged to have taken part in one of them himself. Peña was a controversial figure who lost his election last November, but refused to accept the results.


Social media adds an interesting dynamic to election day. Today (November 4) is proof, as celebs have flocked to Twitter and Instagram to show (and encourage others) to let their voices be heard in the United States midterm election.

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Four months after the Sandy Hook shooting massacre in Newtown, Conn., lawmakers are ready to move forward with a gun control measure. Earlier today the Senate opened debates over whether or not to vote on the adjusting gun laws, bringing the legislation one step closer to approval

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As Election Day comes to a close, the votes were close but one winner prevailed during this year’s presidential election. Americans cast their votes, and re-elected Barack Obama as president, Tuesday (Nov. 6).

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Even in the aftermath of Sandy, the friction between Atlantic City Mayor Lorenzo Langford, and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is still alive and well. The two traded insults over NBC’s TODAY show Tuesday (Oct. 30) displaying a level of   tension  that may have crossed over from professional to personal.

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President Obama will have to pull out all the stops if he plans to win tonight’s third and final  debate.  With the topic of the evening being foreign policy, Mitt Romney finds himself with a lot of ammo to use against the POTUS after their last meeting.  President Obama’s response to the September attacks on a […]

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A Texas church  has put town of  Leakey on the map, but not for anything good.  The Church in the Valley  located in the small 300-person town is making news today for its  marquis message: “VOTE FOR THE MORMON, NOT THE MUSLIM! FOR THE CAPITALIST, NOT THE COMMUNIST!”

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Arkansas Republican representative Jon Hubbard has ruffled the feathers of not only African-Americans and Democrats, but his fellow GOP members over statements made in his self published book from 2009, Letters To The Editor: Confessions Of A Frustrated Conservative.  In his book, Hubbard states, “the institution of slavery that the black race has long believed […]

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Some Republicans are angry with Scott Van Duzer. The Florida pizza shop owner has a fondness for President Obama and greeted the commander in chief with a bear-bug when he stopped by his shop Sunday (Sept. 9). The harmless show of affection, which he cleared beforehand with the Secret Service, has been seen as a […]

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President Barack Obama spoke to Power 95.3 in Orlando, FL this morning to talk about politics and touch on pop music. If you remember,  Nicki Minaj had a line on Lil Wayne‘s Dedication 4 mixtape that seemed to endorse Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. “I’m a Republican voting for Mitt Romney, you lazy b****es is f****ng up the economy,” Minaj rapped […]

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If Nicki Minaj makes the decision to endorse Mitt Romney in the forthcoming election, she may want to take care of something first: registering to vote. Minaj was flooded with media clips Tuesday (Sept. 4) when a snippet from  her lyrics on Lil Wayne’s Dedication 4 mixtape revealed that she is a Republican and voting for […]