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Glenn Beck believes that the Republican Party is dead, and held a mock declaration ceremony –dressed as a doctor—to drive the thought home. On his Blaze TV show last night, Beck celebrated the demise of the GOP with a cake, and footage showing elephants dying.

Opening the show with co-host Pat Gray sprawled on a table and pretending to be a dead man, Beck announced that the media is celebrating the end of the Republican Party. Also joining in the party is President Obama—so says Beck.

“The president did some excessive ‘GOP is Dead’ celebrating at the inauguration as well, ignoring the 60 million Americans who voted against him, while laying out a wildly progressive agenda,” Beck claimed.

According to the conservative pundit, the  GOP is “refusing to confront the cancer in the party.” He’s also not upset about the expiration. “We’re happy that they’re dead,” he said.

In Beck’s view, “progressive light” Republicans are to blame for this turn of events because they put winning at the forefront of everything. “They cave to political correctness rather than sticking to principles. The principles are lost and we drive Americans further into debt and economic crisis.”

Further into his little speech, Beck touched on gun violence in cities like “America’s most violent city” Detroit, as it relates to the economy. Simply put, more violence will lead to spending cuts, and cities that spend the most money tend to have higher crime rates. “There’s a couple things these cities all across the country like this have in common and it’s these things: first they’re among the highest spending cities, they’re usually the biggest union cities, the most progressive cities and they have the most debt. But there’s something else that they have in common, a lack of common sense. As poverty increases in these cities and the ability to protect them is diminished the president wants to start taking weapons away from everyone. Who disarms people when you can’t afford police?”

Along with the death of the GOP is the mortality of “common sense” which met its demise in New York, Los Angeles and Washington D.C., areas which he says (foolishly?) want stricter gun laws.

If there’s any doubt that what Beck is saying is total crap, he offers a statement to calm everyone’s nerves. “You can trust me, I’m a doctor.”

View Becks theories below.


Photo: Blaze TV