Aside from Democrats providing more evidence that will no doubt earn Eugene Goodman a recruitment phone call from The Avengers, new footage presented at the trial also demonstrated just how close rioters were to actually getting their chance to "hang Mike Pence" amongst other moments.

The fallout for Donald Trump's cracker insurrection continues and now could have led to a super spreader event among Congress members.

Kanye West may be on the campaign trail to cause a distraction, but that is not stopping him from accusing Democrats of sabotage after complaints of fraud were aimed at the legendary producer's direction.

Chance The Rapper got dragged by his “3” cap after stepping in when he wasn’t asked to offer his political commentary that Black people don’t have to be Democrat, an obvious point that added nothing to Kanye West‘s weird support of President Donald Trump. Chano apologized for the comment while still standing by it, saying […]

A number of Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives introduced articles of impeachment for President Donald Trump.

As the federal government shutdown enters its 10th day, President Barack Obama has taken an increasingly aggressive stance in demanding House Republicans pass a budget bill to end the ongoing crisis. Wednesday (Oct. 9), Obama and House Democrats met to discuss an end to the shutdown and raise the looming debt limit that threatens to […]

A deal to approve a short-term measure to keep the U.S. government funded into the next fiscal year was not reached, prompting the first shutdown of the government in 17 years. Congress was still in session as the 12:01 a.m. deadline passed early Tuesday (Oct. 1) morning, with debates and votes still to come in the GOP-led […]

As the October 1 deadline for the Affordable Care Act looms, President Barack Obama has faced strong Republican Party opposition over the healthcare law. After congressional GOP members attempted a symbolic standoff against Obamacare, a Republican senator says the party has little chance in stopping the law from going into effect.

Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly was critical of Wednesday’s (August 28) 50th anniversary of the March On Washington event in saying that no Republican speakers were invited. The conservative pundit admitted last night (August 29) on his program that he was wrong about his incorrect assumption.

In a 5-4 ruling the U.S. Supreme Court struck down an important part of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 Tuesday (June 25). The decision nixed a key clause keeping federal supervision of Jim Crow-era voter discrimination tactics in place.

Illinois GOP official Jim Allen resigned Thursday (June 20) amid outrage over controversial remarks he made toward a Black Congressional candidate. In the statement, Allen called the woman a “street walker” who would only get a job to meet a minority “quota.”

The IRS admitted to targeted members of the GOP and Tea Party, a development which has understandably angered conservatives. A special unit went beyond typical protocol singling out small government groups for using the words “Tea Party” and “patriot,” when applying for tax-exempt status, it was announced Friday (May 10).