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Kanye West Talks Yeezy in NYC

Source: Kanye West Purchases Second City In Wyoming To Bring Yeezy Production / Kanye West Purchases Second City In Wyoming To Bring Yeezy Production To The US

Kanye West may be on the campaign trail to cause a distraction, but that is not stopping him from accusing Democrats of sabotage after complaints of fraud were aimed at the Birthday Party’s direction.

According to TMZ, Kanye West is accusing the Democratic party of hiring a private investigator to track his signature-gathering street team as part of an “organized effort of harassment and intimidation” against his candidacy, before adding that the strategy led to nothing but wasted time after efforts led to no evidence of wrong doing. In efforts to add his name to the Wisconsin ballot, West’s campaign

In addition, West is demanding that his name is added to the ballot in Wisconsin despite missing the deadline by 14 seconds after the 5 p.m. deadline Aug. 4. The Milwaukee Journal reports that the 23-page document, filed Monday (Aug 10), says a state Elections Commission staffer told a West campaign aide that she turned in the nomination papers 14 seconds after the deadline. State law says the papers had to have been filed by “not later” than 5 p.m.

“The statutory provision does not distinguish between minutes and seconds,” lawyer Michael Curran of Spring Green said in the filing. “For the average observer, arriving before 5:01 p.m. is arriving ‘not later’ than 5 p.m. The phrase ‘not later’ is particularly instructive in that it indicates the presumption that the seconds from 5:00:00 to 5:00:59 are inclusive to 5 p.m. As the statute states ‘5 p.m.,’ for something to be filed later than ‘5 p.m.’ it would have to be filed at 5:01 p.m.”

Due to the complaint, the Elections Commission will review the legal papers and make a recommendation about Kanye’s slot on the ballot to a bipartisan panel consisting of three Democrats and three Republicans.

West has already been removed from the ballot in his home state of Illinois, where election officials say more than half his submitted signatures were invalid, Yeezy is reportedly working hard trying to prevent the same issue from happening in the political swing state of Wisconsin.