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Who had Kanye West could face election fraud on their 2020 bingo card? Yeezy has confirmed he is the Ops, but his alleged use of suspect signatures in order to get on ballots across the nation has exposed him to potential prosecution.

As TMZ first reported, Yeezy’s name got booted off ballots after submitting petitions that allegedly contained invalid signatures. After receiving objections, Illinois’ State Board of Elections reviewed all 3,128 signatures he submitted, and found that close to 2,000 of them were suspect and ruled invalid.

You need 2,500 signatures to get on the ballot, thus Yeezy came up short in Illinois. Even before this latest struggle, there is no way Kanye West would become President even if his goal is to win, as he tweeted.

In fact, Yeezy said the quiet part out loud, confirming to Forbes that he’s basically running so people don’t vote for Joe Biden. This is only bolstered by the fact that known GOP operatives have been assisting Yeezy on getting him on ballots. Even Trump boot licker Rudy Giuliani has pointed out the jig.

So it shouldn’t a surprise that GOP ratf*cking tactics have been used for Yeezy’s spoiler campaign. But what he clearly doesn’t get is the same rules don’t apply to Black people. He’s opened himself up to prosecution, as journalist and CNN’s political analyst April Ryan has pointed out.

She tweeted, “Two states declaring #KanyeWest inelligible [sic] to be on #POTUS ballot due to faulty signatures could open him up to an #ElectionFraud investigation. I would imagine other states where reported GOP operatives assisted him to get on the ballot will soon be reviewing. #Election2020.”

Maybe the threat of legal repercussions will cause Kanye West to fall back, or maybe crack open a book.

One legit supporter on Yeezy’s side is Nick Cannon, which ain’t saying much. No shots.