presidential election

LeBron James continues his civic efforts in Cleveland to get locals registered to vote ahead of the General Election on November 3 through his group 'More Than A Vote.'

Cardi B teams up with Atlantic Records to spread the word about voter registration. With deadlines just around the corner, fans can find easier ways to register before their state's deadline arrives.

Kanye West's blatant spoiler campaign for President is taking all the L's. The rapper won't be appearing on the Missouri ballot after failing to get enough signatures.

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden's search for a running mate is finally ended today with the former vice president choosing California Senator Kamala Harris.

A group of 100 Black prominent from all walks of life are standing in solidarity with the #WinWithBlackWomen campaign.

Who had Kanye West could face election fraud on their 2020 bingo card? Yeezy has confirmed he is the Ops, but his alleged use of suspect signatures in order to get on ballots across the nation has exposed him to potential prosecution.

When it comes to the daytime talk show The View, the circle of ladies is known for brazenly speaking their minds; but after senior host, Whoopi Goldberg, interviewed Bernie Sanders, many fans of the hit show were calling foul.

Unlike some celebrities, Cardi B doesn’t bite her tongue when it comes to politics, especially when it comes to matters that affect Black and Brown communities. During a recent Instagram live session, the “Bodak Yellow” rapper had some words for the orange menace, Donald Trump, in regards to his handling of police brutality.

Sen. Kamala Harris made a return to The Breakfast Club as she continues to beat the presidential campaign trail in hopes of becoming the Democratic Party’s candidate for all the marbles in 2020. In the chat, the junior U.S. Senator makes another bid in showing she has what it takes to knock President Donald Trump […]

Dave Chappelle has thrown his hat into the political conversation just days before the deciding vote for the next President of the United States. The comedian slammed Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton while also denying claims he’s in support of her Republican Party rival, Donald Trump.

Donald Trump‘s entire campaign has been built around his claims to become the “greatest jobs president ever” but it appears that there are holes in GOP presidential hopeful’s money-raising game. After raising only $3.1 million in May and loaning himself over $2 million, the trending topic #TrumpSoPoor took off on Twitter.

Hillary Clinton made history last night (June 7) by becoming the first woman ever to be officially nominated to run for President of the United States. In a rousing victory speech delivered in Brooklyn, New York, the former Secretary of State achieved a goal that she was nearly close to snagging in 2008 against current […]