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Donald Trump had the ugly ass “golden escalator” moment, and Florida’s heada** Governor, Ron DeSantis, now has the Twitter fail moment.

Ron DeSantis linked up Phony Stark, aka Elon Musk, to hop on his bum a** version of Twitter to announce the worst-kept secret in the political world. He is running for president.

The man whose sole purpose is to kill the made-up “woke agenda” went to honestly one of the most “wokest” platforms in the world to make his “big announcement,” and it was an absolute mess.

The plan was for DeSantis to announce his candidacy live on Spaces, the voice-chat feature Twitter rolled out to compete with Clubhouse. However, the “event” was plagued with multiple crashes that hilariously delayed it by almost half an hour.

Per Variety, when things finally got on track, DeSantis, alongside the billionaire, announced to people eagerly waiting to hear his announcement, “Well, I’m running for president to lead our great American comeback. We know our country is going in the wrong direction… American decline is not inevitable; it is a choice.”


The digital circle jerk continued with DeSantis praising Musk for ruining our social media lives by purchasing Twitter and championing free speech.

“You recognized that you can’t have a free society unless we have the freedom to debate” issues, DeSantis told Musk, and “that didn’t happen.”

We all know what Musk’s effect on Twitter has been since the acquisition. It is now a haven for misinformation, racism, and far-right ideology.

Good job, Elon.

Ron DeSantis Wants To The Rest of The Country Like Florida

DeSantis is on a mission to make the rest of the country, like Florida, where the Governor proudly proclaims, “Woke goes to die.” DeSantis’ Florida is banning books about this country’s history with slavery out of fear of pushing CRT (Critical Race Theory), the GOP’s new boogeyman not called immigration, on white children.

He is also locked in a battle with his state’s biggest employer, Disney after the House of the Mouse dared not to like his “Don’t Say Gay” law.

According to polls, DeSantis is trailing former president Donald Trump “bigly.” If this Twitter snafu is any indication of how DeSantis’ presidential ambitions will go, he is in big trouble.

Twitter has been roasting the presidential hopeful, and deservingly so. Even President Joe Biden got in on the action.

You can see more reactions in the gallery below.

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