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Source: SAUL LOEB / Getty

Kanye West‘s blatant spoiler campaign for President is taking all the L’s. The rapper won’t be appearing on the Missouri ballot after failing to get enough signatures.

In order to get on the ballot, Mr. West needed 10,000 signatures.

However, as reported by the Kansas City Star, Yeezy came up short by 3,443 of the signatures he needed to get a spot on the November general election ballot. The info comes from Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft’s office, which made the announcement on Tuesday (August 25) in a letter to West.

Nevertheless, word is West is focusing on getting on Arizona’s ballot, which happens to be a key swing state. Despite not having a chance in hell—you know it, and everyone knows it—of winning the election.

Per TMZ:

Allegedly, Kanye West is financing all this struggle himself. But we’re taking that with a grain of salt considering GOP operatives have been reportedly involved in getting him on ballots.

Think Kanye West will come to the realization that the GOP is blatantly exploiting him anytime soon?