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Joe Biden Sworn In As 46th President Of The United States At U.S. Capitol Inauguration Ceremony

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In the days following the infamous and treasonous insurrection that Donald Trump incited on January 6th, America learned they had a new hero and true patriot in officer Eugene Goodman.

Originally believed to have been running for his life from insurrectionists that stormed the Capitol and tried to hijack democracy from America, Goodman was actually leading them away from the senate chamber where our elected officials were sitting ducks for a murderous Trump mob. Now it’s been revealed that Goodman actually saved the life of Utah Senator Mitt Romney before he originally faced off with rioters at the Capitol.

BuzzfeedNews is reporting that during the 2nd impeachment trial of Donald Trump, Democrats shared never-before-seen footage of the riot and in one of the videos Goodman is seen running down the hallway and running into an oblivious Romney along the way. Though there’s no audio to accompany the footage, Goodman can be seen waving at Romney who then hightails it out of there alongside Goodman.

Romney told reporters he didn’t realize at the time that Goodman was the one who had warned him away and that he hadn’t seen the video before Democrats played it on Wednesday.

Because of his heroic acts Eugene Goodman was not only promoted to acting deputy House sergeant-at-arms, but congress is also set to vote on honoring him with the Congressional Gold Medal. Don’t ask why but we feel had the rioters somehow succeeded in stopping the certification of Biden as President and keeping Trump in the Oval Office, Goodman would have been fired for his Captain America moment. Just sayin.’

Aside from Democrats providing more evidence that will no doubt earn Eugene Goodman a recruitment phone call from The Avengers, new footage presented at the trial also demonstrated just how close rioters were to actually getting their chance to “hang Mike Pence” amongst other moments.

Needless to say, Donald Trump deserves to be convicted of betraying his oath of office with the deadly insurrection that he helped encourage, but judging from the uninterested Republican jurors, he’ll once again evade being held accountable for his actions and get off scott free.

The ball of justice is now in the courts of the Attorney Generals of New York State (tax fraud) and Georgia (election interference). Don’t let us down, y’all.