B.o.B a name we haven’t heard around these parts at least musically was the latest victim on an internet hoax, and he was not too pleased about it.

B.o.B, a flat earth theorist, has now moved to questioning the history of slave ships, taking to Instagram to discuss this angle.

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B.o.B started a GoFundMe page called Show BoB The Curve with hopes of raising $1 million dollars to help him launch multiple satellites into space to prove that the Earth is in fact a pancake.

B.o.B refuses to let go of his ongoing crusade to prove that the earth is flat despite science proving him and fellow flat earth believers like Kyrie Irving wrong. The Atlanta rapper chose to ignore the truth once more in the wake Monday’s solar eclipse, electing to battle it out with people on Twitter by […]

Exuberant details of a day in the life of a dope dealer are nowhere to be found on Zeds Dead’s new track featuring Pusha T and Rivera Cuomo.

Turn your speakers up to a festive volume, because Migos just blessed the Internets with a new heater.

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of Gnarls Barkley’s debut album St. Elsewhere, the group’s production leg Danger Mouse shares a remix of their breakout hit “Crazy.”

The Game was quick to hit the booth after hearing of music icon Prince’s untimely passing yesterday (April 21). The product of the studio session is a song aptly titled “Rest In Purple,” featuring songstress Lorine Chia.

Toronto-based Electronic duo Zeds Dead is readying a new album, due to release later this year via their new Deadbeats label. Today (Mar. 1), they return with “Back Home,” a song featuring Freddie Gibbs.

B.o.B never had a chance. “World renowned super scientist” Neil deGrasse Tyson hit The Nightly Show to further cement the tomfoolery of Bobby Ray’s “the Earth is flat” crusade.