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B.o.B refuses to let go of his ongoing crusade to prove that the earth is flat despite science proving him and fellow flat earth believers like Kyrie Irving wrong. The Atlanta rapper chose to ignore the truth once more in the wake Monday’s solar eclipse, electing to battle it out with people on Twitter by doubling down on the incorrect theory.

“[I]t’s so amazingly beautiful how the moon can pass in front of the sun multiple times in one day,” B.o.B tweeted initially ahead of taking on Twitter users who realized the artist was set to launch into his pro-flat earth string of thoughts.

He added, “It’s so amazingly beautiful how the moon isn’t visible before and after a total solar eclipse.”

Fans began chiming in with their counterpoints, but B.o.B was not to be deterred as you can see below.

Check out B.o.B’s tweets about the solar eclipse, the moon, and his singular quest to debunk science below and on the following pages.


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