Fans of the Wu-Tang Clan are quite familiar with the GZA, formerly known as The Genius, and his heavy interest in science and beyond. Living up to his former rap namesake, GZA is the host of a new Netflix series titled Liquid Science which takes the Wu swordsman around the world to delve deep into […]


We want to avoid all the terrible CTE jokes regarding NFL player Geno Smith‘s admission that he too thinks the earth is flat, but one has to admit that it’s a perfect set up. The New York Giants quarterback hopped on the “flat-earther” bandwagon, joining the likes of Kyrie Irving and others who are convinced […]


Science has often pointed to the fact that earth’s first people were of dark skin and the idea that modern man’s roots were in the continent of Africa. On Tuesday (Feb. 6) in Britain, scientists at University College London unveiled its oldest reconstructed skeleton which reveals that the nation’s first people were also of dark […]


B.o.B refuses to let go of his ongoing crusade to prove that the earth is flat despite science proving him and fellow flat earth believers like Kyrie Irving wrong. The Atlanta rapper chose to ignore the truth once more in the wake Monday’s solar eclipse, electing to battle it out with people on Twitter by […]

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A pair of seniors at George Mason University in Virginia have invented a device that uses various levels of sound frequencies to extinguish flames. In other words, these guys are aiming booming bass directly at fires to put them out.

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Wu-Tang Clan has always been for the children, but at least one of its members is for the students, too. The Genius/GZA has teamed with Columbia University professor Christopher Emdin  to create Science Genius BATTLES, a program that uses Hip-Hop to teach science in New York City schools.


In light of the recent events surrounding the controversy behind Obama’s speech to students, one may ask is it politics, or is it right on time? Secretary of Education Arne Duncan said that children in the United States do not show signs of losing intelligence, but they’re not getting any smarter either. In a study […]