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We want to avoid all the terrible CTE jokes regarding NFL player Geno Smith‘s admission that he too thinks the earth is flat, but one has to admit that it’s a perfect set up. The New York Giants quarterback hopped on the “flat-earther” bandwagon, joining the likes of Kyrie Irving and others who are convinced the theory is possibly true.

It all began Saturday afternoon (Feb. 24) when Smith tweeted his thoughts about the flat earth theory, saying he sided with Irving. Along with rapper B.o.B, there’s been an increasing number of folks who are refuting scientific fact for some reason, and Smith’s question to Twitter was just the latest.

“I been studying this whole flat earth vs globe thing… and I think I may be with Kyrie on this… b4 you judge do some HW but what do you guys think,” Smith tweeted.

The question prompted a ton of responses, but in the end, Smith was comfortable considering himself a “flat-earther.”

Check out Smith’s tweets and the bevy of responses below and on the following pages. Salute to him standing in the pocket on the Twitter blitz, however.


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