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Well, B.o.B is ready to put your money where his mouth is and prove that planet Earth is indeed flat. The “Beautiful Girls” rapper started a GoFundMe page called Show BoB The Curve with hopes of raising $1 million dollars to help him launch multiple satellites into space to prove that the Earth is in fact a pancake.

While that seems like an easy enough task the move does have us asking ourselves a few questions such as, “You don’t have a million dollars of your own to put up Mr. Platinum Rapper?” and “Don’t you know the government won’t let you prove the Earth is flat even if that is indeed the case Mr. Conspiracy Theorist?”

Either way, the campaign has so far raised almost $3,000 after 5 days of being active. Maybe Kyrie Irving will be willing to spot him the rest so his mind can rest easy as well.

Will you be contributing or you good with knowing the earth is round? Let us know.

Photo: screen cap